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Tall Glasses & Taller Views

We are pleased to announce that we will are now open!

For those looking to sip on a tall glass of champagne or call out Sláinte with a dram in hand, we will be serving alcohol on our rooftop Balcony and 6th floor Alba Terrace, whilst our lounge will be open for foodies looking to graze on seasonal small plates and sharing platters alongside hot drinks and soft drinks as the perfect accompaniment to a much needed catch up.

Bookings are now open using the link below.


It's a way of life

At Nor’ Loft, we live by the philosophy that you needn’t wait for special occasions to enjoy Champagne. We love to talk about it almost as much as we love to drink it, so whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just eager to learn your ‘brut’ from your ‘demi-sec’, let us take you on a journey through our carefully curated selection.

From independent growers to prestigious Champagne houses, we have a variety of over 20 labels featured on our Champagne Table. And since we encourage you to raise a tall glass any day of the week, we offer a selection of them by the glass. 

Small Plates and Mains

grazers galore

Our seasonal plates are created with sharing in mind, the perfect accompaniment to a chilled glass of Champagne, our choice of small plates, mains and light bites are available throughout the day from our open kitchen. Incorporating classic flavours, contemporary imagination and the finest ingredients from Scotland’s natural larder. Our small plates are beautifully composed and sure to catch the eye of the avid foodie and budding Instagram influencer alike. 


sunrise seekers and brunch believers

As the sun comes up, the city views from the Nor’ Loft emerge. Discover our fresh pantry with a selection of all butter croissants, pastries, cheeses, cured meats, artisan bread and fresh fruit.

Meanwhile, our chef will be preparing freshly cooked dishes, from a stunning open kitchen. Taste the full Scottish breakfast experience or choose something lighter from our tasty breakfast menu.

Remember there’s no need for an occasion to raise a tall glass, start your day right with a sip of Champagne!

Opening times


Monday - Thursday 7am - 10.30am

Friday - Sunday 7.30am - 11am


Daily 1.30pm - 4.30pm


Monday - Friday 3pm-8pm

Saturday - Sunday 12 noon - 8pm

OUTDOOR BALCONY BOOKINGS (With Alcohol) - Remember to wrap up warm, the Scottish weather is not always on our side!

(6 people from 6 households until May 17th when this becomes 8 people from 8 households as per Scottish Government restrictions)

Monday - Thursday 3pm - 10pm

Friday - Sunday 12noon - 10pm

INDOOR BOOKINGS (Without Alcohol)

(6 people from 2 households until May 17th when this becomes 6 people from 3 households as per Scottish Government restrictions)

Monday - Thursday 3pm - 10pm

Friday - Sunday 12noon - 10pm

If you have any questions with regards to an upcoming reservation or general enquiry, please email us on and will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. 

Our Namesake

The ancient Nor’ Loch is steeped in the history of Edinburgh. Centuries ago it sat in front of Market Street at the foot of the Castle rock, now occupied by Princes Street Gardens, and was part of the natural defences of the old town to hinder invaders. Inspired by this historic icon Nor’ Loft now takes its place as part of the city’s Old Town character. 

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